G55 USB Gaming Microphone

USB Gaming Microphone
G55 USB Gaming Microphone

1. Exclusive appearance patent, gooseneck hose design, the angle can be adjusted at will.

2. High-sensitivity condenser microphone core, all-round 360-degree sound pickup, long pickup distance.

3. Built-in USB audio digital processing chip makes the recording full and undistorted.

4. USB plug and play, no need to install sound card driver, compatible with various computer systems.

5. LED indicator light, short press the light to be in working state, short press the light to turn off the mute state.

6.USB shielded cable, 1.35M, pluggable, good conductivity, make the sound clear.

7. Built-in headphone audio output jack.

Directivity: omnidirectional

Frequency Response: 50Hz-16kHz

Sensitivity: -30dB±3dB

Impedance: ≤2.2KΩ

Power supply voltage: USB 5V

Cable length: 1.35 meters